About Charlie Weimers and his defence of the protestant working masses of Iran

When the beasts of the bourgeoisie start to tear each other up it is an indisputable pleasurable incident, but if a worker would be deceived by these bourgeois cannibal beasts in somewhere of this global hell of capitalism so certainly it’s a painful and fatal disaster. Under the past and present history, the bourgeoisie by its social class nature, always has been a cheater, liar, forgery of facts, brainwasher and poisoner of the thoughts of the masses of workers. The bourgeoisie with all these characteristics has been born and also grown and expanded. It has passed its highest growth stages behind. The bourgeoisie with its intellectual representatives , policymakers and government officials and politicians while they plunder the workers´ live and livelihoods and burn the whole world admist the flames of war and massacres in an instant or transform any continent into an Auschwitz and bait humanity for any Holocaust but in meantime they still are yelling for peace and freedom , democracy and human rights , Islamic fairness and justice or christian compassion too .

Charlie Weimers , the representative of Swedish capitalism in the European Parliament is also one of those predator symbols of the bourgeoisie , one of the political fascist statesmen and representatives of capital in the present age of wage-slavery system which becoming much more fascist all over the world nowadays . He has claimed in the European Parliament to be disagree with the Islamic republic of Iran, there he also protesting the barbarism, massacre and killing of the working masses in streets of cities in Iran!!!

We workers have to tell him that, what a joke! the fascists show compassion for humanity!

If the Iranian workers would be believing any ridiculous claim and nonsense such like  the justice of majestic kings , Islamic justice of Quranic anti – discrimination or religious equality and anti – cruelty , compassion and merciless of Sharia or the tale of kissing of workers hand by religious scholars and prophetic gender equality so far , they perhaps would listen to Charlie Weimers´ ridiculous humanitarian claims based on defence of right to protest and workers´ riot in cities of Iran too !!!

Historically and by facts of history of the class struggle demonstrate all bourgeoise absurd claims about everything. Because the Iranian workers haven’t listened to any of those ridiculous nonsenses and surely wouldn’t even listen to Charlie Weimers´ deception, cheating and his trickiness humanitarian gesture either.

The workers of Iran don’t value for those dishonest claims at all , because  Charlie Weimers , from top to bottom in warp and weft of his social entity , in politics and orientation , social manners and act , in strategy and solution is of the same kind of the Islamic republic is in the fullest and most perfect way among the beasts of the religious bourgeoisie .

Charlie Weimers started his political activity at young age in one of those ultra – reactionary and religious parties of the Swedish capitalism. A member of Christian Democratic youth organisation with a face of fascism and tendency to Nazism. The politicians like him , as anti – workers , anti – womanism who praise capital and capitalism and also being opposed to basic human rights which is routine and current in those parties , but he hasn’t been satisfy of that and has gone beyond all that and such like Iranian ultra – nationalists of Cyrus worshipers or like ultra – fascist theorists of the Islamic state of capital . Besides he has even established a network under a name of ” Konst – net. Engelberk ” to prove his commitment to the fascist predatory nationalism more by that. Afterwards he joined for a while in a far – right party, an anti – workers one ” Moderaterna ” and subsequently with some of the barbarian cannibals and harshest racists established a party known as the Swedish Democrats in the following. A Nazist, fascist, racist and defender of the most barbaric forms of exploitation of working – class, in the whole of the hell of the capitalist world. A anti – woman, against any kind of asylum and displaced worker from other countries. A party which is up to be a rough enemy of the migrant workers and is able to slaughter the displaced workers too. A party which exactly in all its aspects entirely a correct copy of the Islamic regime of capital.

Charlie Weimers and his party ´s objection to Islamic republic of Iran is not about massacre of workers ´ uprising but purely is about those common conflicts and tensions among the bourgeois factions with disagreement over plans for establishing capitalist policies around the world. The conflict and tension like Trump´s or Bolsonaro´s, Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi´s or Bin Salman´s with each other or with the Islamic rulers of capital in Iran, or like the rulers of the Sharia Courts with the Mafia.!!

The question isn’t just about Charlie Weimers and other Charlies in other ultra-rightist parties. According to our inference and belief in class struggle that is that having any expectation for supports from any capitalist state or parliament and other institutions owned by capital under any name and meaning is like drowning in the illusion and erosion of class struggle and its anti – capital in-depth content , which is certainly misleading the labour – movement in its path . Our class war is against capital. In this war he whole capitalist class of the world , all parties and governments and parliaments including European Parliament , also all trade unions that protest the capital ´s interests , all of them alongside each other or not , they are against us , against we workers , against any amount of our offensive against capital worldwide . In such certain situation we just expect definitely support from our working brothers and sisters, the working class of all around the world. In the meantime, what it is unfortunately very painful, hideous and disgusting that European working masses have been completely silent, mute and passive towards brutal suppression, killing and massacre of their working brothers & sisters uprising in Iran!!!

No sign of support and solidarity to defend the uprising of workers and the poor against hunger, lack of medicine and treatment, lack of adequate housing and displacement and homelessness and also the most basic human and livelihood opportunities. No sign of any protest but they just were spectators and they let the bourgeoisie poison minds of them and paralyse the class will of the mass’s workers. Meanwhile they are giving the bourgeoisie the opportunity with its most vicious cannibal representatives of capital taking a gesture of opposed to the Islamic beasts of the bourgeoisie.

The European working-class people have allowed that anti – worker fascists delude and ridicule the working masses class – consciousness!!!




The Anti – Capitalist Workers of Iran